Dating with Cystic Fibrosis

A cystic fibrosis diagnosis can be incredibly hard. It’s also a disease with a lot of hope. However, this blog was created for neither of those purposes. This blog was created to empower the women with terminal diseases, rare disease, chronic illnesses, and any other spoonie category learn personal growth and relationship tips. Dating with cystic fibrosis, or any other health condition isn’t talked about much.

And we’re going to change that. This is my heart poured out behind the keys of a computer. I share the shameful and encouraging tales of what it is like to date with a terminal illness. This is my story of self-sabotage, one night stands, too many drinks, and hating my reflection. For awhile, I thought I was a burden to the world.

This is the raw, vulgar, inappropriate story of what it is truly like to kiss a man and deep down wondering, if the spark of love exists- if you can convince him to marry you before a doctor tells you that you only have a few years left.  The rush against time to have that white damn picket fence, and a husband who comes home to your cooking.

This is the tale of a woman, who knows all to well what it is like to turn to a man, any number of them, for comfort.

When this blog first started, I was in my mid-20’s.  I am hospitalized at least 3 times a year for up to a month at a time, my permanent IV access scarred into my right chest.  Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic condition that attacks the way sodium chloride enters and leaves a cell.  It causes devastating lung infections and because the mucous is thick, these lung infections spread quickly.  It shuts down the pancreas, causing abnormal weight loss and often times, producing greasy, foul smelling stools and sometimes…I actually don’t make it to the restroom in time.  In addition, the pancreas and liver straining to digest and break down food- causes a form of diabetes.  Lastly, most men with the disease are sterile and due to the thickening of mucousal membranes…everywhere…we can’t get pregnant as easily as others.  Yes!  Basically for me- I didn’t always wear condoms and I never have to worry about a surprise arriving.


If somebody were born today with CF, they may live into their 30’s.  The fact I am in my mid 30’s is a miracle in itself.  In 1980’s, if diagnosed, most children only made it to about 5 years old.

I take a light hearted approach to the disease that will kill me – although it is more likely my death will be because I trip up the stairs with a spoon full of frosting.  I haven’t held a job down for over 2 years at a time, because employers keep firing me after I go into the hospital for 4 months out of every year.  They get frustrated, I get depressed…we part ways.   The one thing I have found solace in, besides silence, is in the comforts of men.

Charming personality and golden blonde hair, petite build and infectious smile- I get hit on quite frequently.  Never being one to turn down a good merlot- I have found that some of my best moments in life have come from that 2 drink minimum where I revel in the fancy of a guy who owns a Ferrari dealership or giddily bite my lower lip as the owner of a hot downtown lounge invites me up to his penthouse suite after a night of dropping $1000 on drinks for my girlfriends and I.

Initially, none of them know about the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis and my concealment of symptoms at times- can be quite the rush…

Enjoy this blog on dating with cystic fibrosis. You may have a different story or condition, and that’s okay. You’ll still learn relationship strategies based on neurolinguistic programming. I’m also going to feature your stories of surviving and thriving. In addition to the dating stories, is actual advice you can use to find and keep love rooted in neurolinguistic programming.

Dating with cystic fibrosis stories and relationship advice to empower those with chronic conditions, rare disease, or terminal illness
Port O Cath accessed during routine Cystic Fibrosis Lab draws

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