Manifest Love? Hoax or Truth Bomb

It arrived in the mail in the middle of the week. The package was pink, the lettering gold. Let’s pause… Do we really believe a box that comes in the mail can help us manifest love in our lives?

If I could be a native New Yorker, I would be. I’m cynical AF and if my personality wasn’t harsh enough at times, my unapologetic attitude is. So when I heard about the Beauty Everywhere Manifestation Kit, part of me wanted to roll my eyes. Part of me was also curious. Setting my cynicism aside, I realized my personality is cool and all, but it doesn’t quite always get me the love vibes I’m craving. You all know I’m engaged by now and if dating wasn’t hard enough, engaged is even harder. It’s like a waiting game for the wedding where covid is wiping out the dream date and whatever quarantine isn’t ruining, my attitude sometimes is.

And it seems like every time I refresh social media, there’s another kit out there claiming to do wonders for me. There’s nothing I love more than love despite my hard exterior. And I was drawn to seeing if this kit would be different than the millions of kits I’ve been hit up to try.

If you want more love in your life and you’re willing to do something you haven’t done before, you may want to start with a manifestation kit.

Can we manifest love? We will find out with this kit.

So what in the heck is in a kit that can help you manifest love?

Well, it’s a way to bring more love into your life regardless of your marital status. It can be self love (which we will be dishing about soon), romantic love, engagement love, Godly love, or familial love. It’s a way to prime your unconscious to be open and aware of all of the different styles of love and when used in the morning, sets you up to notice the good that happens throughout the day.

What’s Inside:

♡ I AM Love Journal

A one-month guided practice to help you manifest more love in your life. It is an easy to use, daily program that helps you affirm and create your deepest desires. The journal was super high quality and forced me to answer questions like, “How did I love myself today?” And painfully, several times I really had to think about it. I don’t always take that time to appreciate myself and it was a gentle reminder of that.

♡ I AM Love Affirmation Jewelry

A bracelet and ring made of rose quartz (ooooh fancy), designed to remind you how powerful you truly are. At first, I wasn’t sure I’d love it, but there’s something about the crystals and how they feel, that had me fall in love. It’s designed to balance the heart chakra, which I have no idea what that is. I wore them for an entire month and I have to say, I may never be the girl who charges her crystals under the full moon, but I was at peace. I was calmer. And my New York attitude was much more chill than I remembered before it. It’s nice to look down on your hands and wrists and see a reminder of how beautiful and worthy I am. Because…sis…sometimes I forget that.

♡ I AM Love Essential Oil

The key with oils is to not overdo it… or eat it. Having chronic conditions, scents can be tricky for us. I don’t have a sense of smell, so I had to be creative as I experimented with this. I rubbed it on the inside of my wrists and repeated to myself all the reasons I am worthy of love.

For my spoonies who have a sense of smell, you’ll find that essential oils tap into the powerful limbic system to effect your emotions and invoke a deep transformation. In neuroscience talk, the more senses you can activate, the more you can emotionally anchor an experience to recall it at any time.

♡ I AM Love Kindness Cards

This was my favorite part of the box, as kindness goes a long way these days. I would put them in my fiance’s workbag, hand them out to the checker at the market, and selfishly kept the rest in my purse so every time I felt the square, gave a mental reminder of Dana (which is Sanskrit for selfless giving).

♡ I AM Love Affirmation Card

Affirmations are extremely powerful and you only want to use them with the deepest and purest of intentions. So I put mine on my bathroom mirror. Girl, my body is so destroyed from needles and scars and I’d be lying to you if I said I loved my reflection. Somedays, I rush past my mirror without looking in it because I’m afraid of the monster of a body that cystic fibrosis gave me. Something about this card though, helped me understand who I was on a deeper level. I am working on acceptance and appreciating my differences and this card was my step 1.

♡ BE Manifesting Meditations APP

And the manifest love kit came with an app, easy enough to download and intuitive to use. It put me in a place where I could meditate and really raise my awareness of the thoughts in my head and how I could guide them to a place that served me. For what it’s worth, I binged on it and that night the fiance and I had a rather delicious sesh…

Why I’m Now Obsessed With The Ability to Manifest Love

♡ high quality, non toxic, easy

♡ it’s super pretty and they are items I like having in my home

♡ I believe in the power of love in all it’s beautiful forms and need to be reminded of it in times like this

♡ female owned company, need I say more?!

Can you manifest love from a kit?  We find out
the Sickly Confidential crew repping the Beauty Everywhere kit, we will manifest love

Real talk: after using it for a month, I actually feel lighter and more aware of how good this world is.

Overall, this kit reminded me I can manifest love in myself and others.

Have you found a box you love? Have you heard of this one?

Well the puppy suddenly decided it was time to totally spazz out and attack every teddy bear in the house, so I gtg before I need to hire a cleaning crew.


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