5 Habits For Success (Spoonie Edition)

Here’s the deal, sis. I know having a chronic condition can be tough. Not only do you have to manage your health and symptoms, you also have to manage your expectations when things aren’t going the way you wanted. Sometimes the thought of getting through it all is exhausting in itself. Your habits every day can make or break the quality of your life. By adapting an attitude to change your habits for success, you can change your life.

There are certain habits you can cultivate that will change the vibe you are putting out there. And from experience, the better vibe you have, the more likely you will be to attract the kind of person you want to date. What are the habits of those who have health conditions and seem to have it all? And more so, what habits can you create to become the very best version of yourself?

The first thing you have to know is:

If you can see it in your mind, you can create it in your life.

Habits for success that you should try today!
5 habits for success (the spoonie edition)

Habit for Success #1 Ask yourself the big questions such as:

1. What do I want my life to be like?
2. What do I want my life to feel like?
3. Who do I want to surround myself with?
4. What do I want to learn?

Take some time to explore these questions, jotting down what comes to you. Don’t overthink it. Just focus on what feels right for you. Attracting Mr. Right, requires creating attractive habits in yourself.

Habits for Success #2 Take DAILY Action

The women who seem to have it all take action towards the futures they want. Every day. The steps don’t have to be big or outlandish. It comes down to doing small things every day, consistently, en route to their goals. When you wake up for the day, ask yourself what you want to accomplish by the time you go back to bed. And then take steps to achieve it.

If it takes you longer because you have a bad health day, that’s okay. Focus on progress, not perfection.

Successful women have a habit of taking daily action, regardless of the world around them.

Spoonie Habit #3 Stay COMMITTED to your own GROWTH

Take the time to commit to creating new habits and behaviors that bring you closer to your goals. Life is a journey. You will never have it all figured out and the moment you think you do, you’re going to have a setback. The thing is, this should be comforting because none of us have it figured out. Yes, even me. I’m learning as I go and I’m okay with that. Be wary of anyone trying to sell you anything or convince you of anything by sharing they know it “all”. Sis, they don’t.

Listen to music, read books, attend seminars, play podcasts, and follow only those people and programs that inspire you and empower you.

If it doesn’t help you grow or bring you peace, it’s toxic.

Habits for Success #4 Stay CONNECTED to a SUPPORTIVE tribe

The most successful spoonies I know, proactively identify the people they want to connect with. Personally, every year I create a list of 52 names of influencers, advisors, and inspirational people that I want to get to know. And once a week, I pick a name on that list and reach out to a name on social media or through email. Sure, they don’t always respond. Many times, they do. My book became an international best seller because of this strategy.

Literally, I was spending months out of the year in the hospital and rather than watching television, decided to get on Linkedin and learn from people I wanted to be more like. After dozens of interviews, I looked at the information and decided it needed to be a book. I didn’t have the budget, the writing ability, or the structure. Step by step though, I figured out what to do. And if it weren’t for my dream list of connections, you wouldn’t be reading this blog today.

Set the goal to create a list of 15 people in the next 15 weeks you want to reach out to and get to know better. Fyi, I use the Best Self Co journal to track my habits and the people I want to reach out to.

First, write your plan. Then work your plan.

Habits for success include intentionally finding your plan and then working your plan daily.  Part of that for me, is in writing out my intentions.
First write your plan, then work your plan. You’ll be amazed how quickly it all adds up.

Habits for Success #5 Be in SERVICE

Volunteer in your community towards charities or for programs that reinforce your values. Look for ways to give back. They can be as simple as complimenting a stranger, sharing love, or practicing self-love.

Make it a point to align yourself with a charity or cause that inspires you and gives you hope during the tough and challenging days. Some of my favorite charities include
The Front Row Foundation, which  is on a mission to help those facing life-threatening conditions by creating uplifting and life-giving moments through once-in-a-lifetime experiences at home.

Another favorite of mine is the Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation, which gifts athletic grants to those with cystic fibrosis to pursue any activity they choose.

Pick up one of these habits for success and integrate it into your life for 21 days. Understanding the trick to dating is to be the best version of yourself, is a hard lesson. I know that it wasn’t until I did the work on myself, that I attracted my fiance. I’m still working on myself and of course, always will be.

I hope you found these habits for success helpful! 

What other habits are you working on? What would you add to this list? I wanna know!

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