Chicory Root Health Benefits

You’ve started to see chicory root everywhere. From Dr. Oz to coffee supplements, it’s all the buzz these days. Haha. Buzz, get it?! Chicory root health benefits are numerous. We had to try it. Living with diabetes and cystic fibrosis, I’m super careful about what I ingest (except for wine). In this post, we will answer the questions: what is chicory root, what are the health benefits, and is it all hype?

Chicory root or coffee?   what are the health benefits
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What is Chicory Root and why do we all suddenly care?

Move over coffee, there’s a new beverage in town. And apparently chicory root health benefits are trending! Why should you try a piping hot anti-inflammatory mug of chicory root instead of your morning java?

Chicory root is a low-calorie perennial. It is native to Northern Africa, Western Asia, and Europe. The root has been popular in France since the 1800’s!

The leaves are a soft beautiful bluish purple. It can look a lot like dandelion leaves. It has a subtle yet bitter flavor. Chicory root is often cooked (although it can be eaten raw). It has been around for centuries but this year, it’s seeing a popular comeback as we look to improve our health. There’s even ways it can be used as a sugar substitute.

It’s high in fiber, contains vitamins B6 and C. Chicory root also has potassium.

How to we consume Chicory Root?

  1. Used as an additive and blended into ice cream
  2. Make the worlds greatest smoothies with inulin (described below)
  3. Ground it for a yummy coffee substitute.
  4. Try it as a tea ( I am an Amazon Affiliate and may earn a small commission on purchases, at no extra cost to you).
Chicory root health benefits are all the buzz right now
Chicory root health benefits are all the buzz right now

Chicory Root Health Benefits?

This coffee alternative and powder has been known to help curb the symptoms of conditions such as:

  1. Jaundice
  2. Gout
  3. Liver enlargement
  4. Rheumatism
  5. Diabetes (which is why it peaked my interest)
  6. Supports digestion and can alleviate constipation
  7. Increased fiber may reduce risks of breast cancer

It is high in fiber, which helps food pass through your…um…system. Many times, this can slow the digestion and aid in absorption. Having cystic fibrosis, I need foods that are easy to absorb. The slower absorption rate, the less likely I am to over eat. The less I am over eating, the more energy I will have to work on improving my fitness. (Related: get ready ya’ll, I am teaming up with Colton Underwood on an inspirational fitness challenge. You can go here to enroll!)

What is Inulin?

It is estimated 68 percent of chicory root is a prebiotic fiber known as inulin. Inulin is often added to food, food products, and supplements. It is a prebiotic, and it can be helpful with digestive issues.

Now, this is where many can get confused. Bear with me.

Prebiotics are like food for probiotics, which help aid in digestion. Probiotics are healthy bacteria. And they are found in our gut. This 3 minute video makes it much simpler to understand.

Research shows inulin can help stabilize blood sugars for those living with diabetes. Definitely make it a point to talk to your doctor on this one, as there are always risks to adding new protocols.

There has been a link from inulin to digestive health improvements, diabetic blood sugar controls, and can even aid in weight loss.

What’s does Chicory Root taste like?

Other bloggers say it’s bitter. I thought it was sweet.

With digestive issues, I eased it into my diet. Inulin can cause gas and bloating. Which, if you’ve found this blog, you’re interested in managing your health along with improving your relationships. Go slow with adding it to your diet because nothing says buzzkill like farting during a date.

It did stabilize my blood sugars. I noticed an increase in energy. It was easy to buy on Amazon ( I get everything delivered during quarantine).

As an amazon affiliate, there are certain products I absolutely love. Try chicory root or inulin, and if you don’t know where to start, this is the exact brand I tried.

Sis, there ya have it! Spoonies everywhere rush it and give it a try. Definitely if you’re not 100% sure, call. your doctor and triple check. We share tips of what we are learning and want to empower you to make your own decisions.

If you’ve tried chicory root or experienced chicory root health benefits, comment below! I wanna know what your experiences are like! And of course, share your email to get an instant follow back and exclusive discounts from our Inner Circle.

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