Productive Morning Routine for Success

Recently I received an email from a reader asking for help creating a productive morning routine for success.  The reader is going through a tough time with divorce, kiddos, getting back into dating, and health issues.  Things are looking tough.  This article is going to lay out the foundations I have for a successful morning and overall, life.

Faith is not 100% blind, you still have to work

Trying to find an easy and productive morning routine for success? We share our top habits that are simple and effortless for a productive morning

Now, many of you have asked similar questions along this journey and I’ve tried to take the time to give you details back.  This one hit me hard.  So I wanted to take my time and really create a reference article of sorts to help. 

You’re not alone when these thoughts occur to you.  
Here’s what Ive found works for me… I have to tie my strength to something that is a must for my life.  

Also – warning this is a LONG article full of links and things to try and think about: 

A Productive Morning Routine for Success Reflects your VALUES

There’s a process called the values elicitation I learned when getting my master practitioner certification in neurolinguistic programming. 

It’s my fave tool in my toolkit. I use it before I hire someone, sign up as a partner, affiliate, or create a new friendship.  

It’s a series of questions that when asked, help you trigger your unconscious to discover the deepest sense of how you act and how you respond to change. Values are pretty rigid.  Understanding who you are at an unconscious level helps you know what decisions to make in your life when you’re “stuck”.

For my readers, I made this process into a simple, easy to read, easy to do worksheet. And after this question was asked, I discounted it from $97 to $8.  I want you to understand your core values because I believe it will change the entire way you look at your life. Click here to get access for $8.   

You can even do these worksheets with a partner to understand how they operate unconsciously also.  

Recently, I joined on as a co-founder for a company that is helping create happier employees using CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)and you know what I did before I signed the paperwork with an attorney? 

Yup…got on the phone and found out the owner’s core values.  When we have a disagreement in the future, or I want to understand how he thinks, I can look back at how he structures the world around him.

It’s a must for me. 

Here’s the thing…. values are great but you must find a way to attach your values to a deeper sense of worth. 

And With Your Values, A Routine Requires EFFORT

Once you know who you are and what you stand for, find an emotion that drives you.

Part of my productive morning routine requires I use fear as a motivator. Not everyone needs to use fear. Some can use hope or love or grace.

I’ve always used FEAR because it works for me. The day I die, if I didn’t impact millions,  I feel like my life was an absolute waste.  It sounds harsh, no lives are wasteful, and yet – thinking I’m a burden to society if I don’t work hard is what gives me the steps to push forward TODAY.  Find the emotion that drives you. Don’t worry about what my emotion is, or your spouses, or your friends. You do you, babe. You work with your emotions and use them to create the action you want.

A Productive Morning Routine for Success Requires ACTION

The trick is, to find little daily steps I can take consistently to break through.  Teeny tiny ones. 

Somedays, when Im in the hospital that means I just write a new email.
Or I send 100 followers a direct message and start up a conversation.
use this tracker for that and almost every morning you can see my notes on my instagram story to help with the organization of these daily consistent actions.

5 habits for an easy Monday morning routine -   healthy morning habits to be productive and happier
Healthy habits for a productive morning

A Productive Morning Routine for Success Requires FAITH

Although I am not considered religious, I am faith based. I have to believe there is a higher governing power.  

Many of my daily habits come from my belief structure on a higher power (God). I will not shame you if you do not share my beliefs.

I want to encourage you that when you’re really stuck or really struggling, to find something to believe in.

For awhile, I thought I was agnostic because traditional religious institutions were so busy bashing my life instead of encouraging my growth. Then one day, I found a church that “got me”. I started to see the fabric of truth in the Bible and how that fabric could make me a better person.

I learned to attach my faith to personal growth. And I learned how to choose the thoughts that served me and led me to create a life outside of what I thought initially was possible (more on this below).

And of course, If you want a motivational kick in the ass that is also a great way to reintroduce faith- I listen to Ps. Jurgen Matthesius on the Awaken app for the days I need a real jumpstart.  

If you aren’t sure where to start with that, go to the app store, look for Awaken (orange with an A symbol as a letter) , click messages, and speakers, click Jurgen, and scroll to one that calls to you.  

But Klyn, I know what I believe and I think I know my values… how do I be more productive? 

Should you exhaust all the other tips and truly find your issue is productivity- I have to recommend this podcast I did on categorizing what’s important. 

Remember- it does us NO good to sit around wishing for the life we want.  We actually have to work for it, too.  

And now the dog is begging for yet another Dingo stick, so I gotta go,

Your turn to answer: what is your idea of a successful morning routine?
How do you get the strength to pick back up the first few steps when you’re down?  

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A powerful morning routine can help improve mental health
A powerful morning routine can help improve mental health

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  1. Some great tips and I think you make an excellent point about any routine and habit being driven by our values. I think that not only does it make for meaningful and authentic living, but we’ll be more motivated when the things we want and need to do are underpinned by what matters to us, by what our values and goals are. Fab post. Just started following your blog & over on Insta & Twitter too having found your blog when you liked one of my posts (thank you for that). Have a positive & productive week ahead 😊

    Caz xx

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