Your Battle Is Your Breakthrough

“It doesn’t get easier – you just get stronger”

– anonymous
Your Battle Is Your Breakthrough
your battle is the breakthrough, sis.

There’s a workout app that lately, I am addicted to.  With gyms closed or seemingly unsafe, I have had to get creative with my workout routine to prevent the dreaded weight gain that comes with rarely leaving the condo (except for weekends when Jeff and I go camping).  

Anywhoo- the first day I downloaded my workout and eagerly hit play. 

It was leg day. 

My legs are surprisingly strong from years of teaching Zumba.  

And I completed exactly 5 minutes into the program.  So much for a breakthrough.

Delayed onset muscle soreness crept in and 48 hours later it was difficult to move.  I was in complete agony.  
Thank goodness, the next day was arm day. 

And now I can’t tie my hair into a ponytail.  

Day 3 was cardio.  “At least I can crush that,” I thought to myself. Especially since I workout on my spin bike and partnered with Colton Underwood on an  inspiring fitness challenge.  

Made it 12 minutes.  

“This app is impossible”, I start to think and question if I should delete it.  

And then it occurs to me, how you do anything is how you do everything.  And I’m not about to quit because I’m uncomfortable.  

Where in your life have you been uncomfortable lately? 

We tend to associate lack of comfort with a negative vibe.  Instead, I challenge you to rephrase uncomfortable with growth.  

I am growing in the direction I want to be while I punishingly complete workout after workout.  

When my mindset starts to wane and my body starts to give up, I remember this is what growth really is. 

Growth is when you keep going, despite the temptation to completely give in.  

The week flew by and eventually it was leg day again.  

I made it 10 minutes.  50% increase. 

Defeated I didn’t complete the full 30 minute session, I cried.  

And then realized, if I had a 50% increase in any category of life I’d feel elated! 50% more referrals?  50% more corporate speaking bookings?  50% more webinar trainings? 50% more time on this planet ?  Sign me up!! 

Why did I go down the rabbit hole of negativity when I grew 50%?   The battle is my breakthrough.

Sis, consider the achievements you’ve been making. The growth you’ve been having.  You’re getting stronger, learning new skills, embracing change, and what’s hard today will be easier in the future. 

When you catch yourself at that place, where you wonder if it gets easier, put the work in.  Regardless of what you feel will happen, put the work in.  Then try it again.  You will breakthrough.

It gets easier. 
Your future gets brighter. 
Your growth game gets stronger. 

Klyn of Sickly Confidential

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