Coltons Legacy : A story of Grit & Grace

This week’s inspirational message from our creator, Klyn Elsbury . She is sharing her goal with helping Colton Underwood’s Legacy Foundation aka Coltons Legacy.

We’re halfway through the year, halfway. To recap:

  • Australia has gone up in flames. 
  • Carol Baskin killed her husband. 
  • Covid has killed hundreds of thousands of people and sickened millions. 
  • There’s a debate on if we should wear makes (do it). 

And our team and fellow spoonies have created over 25 blogs and articles to help you identify with the thoughts that serve you and accomplish your goals. You should be living your best life, regardless of how many spoons you have that day, babe.

Coltons Legacy - teaming up to inspire fitness
Coltons Legacy – teaming up to inspire fitness

Do you ever just kinda sit there thinking, you know you have potential but you aren’t doing anything with it? 

Gonna be real… 

I partnered with Colton Underwood to help raise money to inspire those with chronic illnesses to become more fit.  

I’m a friggen partner.  
He is promoting my book, and I’m helping those with health conditions destroy the narrative that they can’t live fully because of their health. 
The goals are simple:
Raise the money to help these children live longer. 
Get back into my skinny skinny jeans. 

So where is the progress?  
And after my morning meditation it occurred to me.  

I didn’t tell anyone about the work we are doing.  We are literally inspiring people to work on their fitness goals while simultaneously pairing those with cystic fibrosis up with life saving treatments!!   


So let me ask you… do you have a fitness goal that you’ve been putting off?  
Do you know you’re not doing the things you need to do to get to that next level in your life? 
Are you proud of how far you’ve come while also simultaneously a little sick of your own excuses? 

Here’s the deal, I’d love to invite you to join with me and cheer each other on. 

if you have the body you want, and want to just simply donate to my campaign – I’d be super grateful.  Click here for that

Every penny helps.  I mean it.  

And if you want to walk it out with me, use this link to sign yourself up. 

Currently: Im #106 in the fitness part. 
#32 in the donations part. 

For every $5 you donate, I will commit to walking/running 1 mile.  So far, my fiance is responsible for me getting my first 20 miles in.  And so is Kevin Cunningham. Thanks guys, looks like I have 20 miles this week to crush through.

These kids need us.  
We need us.  

2020 is halfway over.  Take the morning off to reevaluate your progress and readjust the goals. 

Then ACT ON IT. 

You’ve got this and of course, if I can help in any way, I will gladly do so. 

Together, we can inspire fitness and create transformation.  

And I will message you next week to share what progress I’ve made thanks to all of you stepping up to kick my booty back into shape and live my life legacy- of helping others. 

Teaming up with Coltons Legacy - Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation to help inspire fitness .
We’ve got more work to do.


Klyn of Sickly Confidential

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