How to Improve Confidence

We’re upping the game here at Sickly Confidential and bringing you into our podcast, The Motivated Mind. We’re going to teach you real life applicable skills on how to improve confidence, master your mindset, eliminate stress and anxiety, and tap into the very best version of yourself. So read this blog and then listen to the recording below. As always, text INSPIRE to 66866 to join our Inner Circle for absolutely no cost. But once the link stops working, we won’t allow anyone else to join.

“Keep your face towards the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind you” – unknown.

The Dark Truth Emerges:

When Covid hit, my business went from 72 pending speaking opportunities to 20.  It was a major shock.  I had a pity party, freaked out, then got over it and then decided now was as good as time as ever to practice what I preach- which is to get back out there and rebuild.  Which is how to improve confidence in yourself when all else seems lost.

On my insta, I polled my 8k followers almost daily about their mindset and insecurities.  I wanted to know where you all were really, truly stuck. 

And one day, received this DM: 

“Klyn, the biggest insecurity I have is about dating with my illness. It is about my body image and confidence. I have tons of scars and insulin pump always attached to me, which makes it challenging to forget about my illnesses and truly be in the moment.  I also feel like I’m damaged or not as good as “healthy” girls. I feel like this insecurity leads me to believe that since it’s such a struggle for me to stay alive I must be weaker than most people. I know I’m a fighter and that I’ve survived a lot,  but I can’t help but sometimes think my husbands life would be easier if he had a “healthy” wife.”  – Mily 

My eyes welled with tears on the spot, remembering when that was my belief system.  I went out to a New Years Eve party and for the first time since the surgery, wore a dress that did not hide my scars. 

the day I learned how to embrace my port
When I finally learned to embrace my port and inner confidence

About an hour into the party, a guy pointed at my scar with a disgusted look on his face, “what’s that?

I left the party and cried myself to sleep that night, believing I was damaged goods. 

you read that right… yes… almost 60,000+ followers and an international business and I thought I was worthless and damaged goods because of my health.

Now, we know my story doesn’t end there. After that I started jumping in to my neuroscience training extensively.  Learning things such as: 

  • How to unconsciously identify the qualities of who I wanted to interact with (romantic and business partners, employees)
  • How to tap into energy and confidence in a mere moment 
  • How to start a conversation with anyone, anywhere and not ask where they are from or what they do for work 

and that email is exactly why this blog was born. You see, Sickly Confidential is personal for me. It’s my words but your story. It’s how we all have felt during dating, relationships, and on our own. But the narrative of being damaged goods, a burden, worthless ends today. It starts by learning how our minds work and how we can take the “crap” that happens to us and forge a new journey. Hopefully, the new journey inspires and helps others also.

I invite you to do a deep dive with me on how to improve confidence for yourself. It starts with answering four simple questions. And we will build on that weekly here and on the show.

How to improve confidence

Take time today to answer these questions:

1. Where are your insecurities? 

2. How do you want to be/feel? 

3. What is standing in your way?  

4. Why be free of those insecurities NOW?     Tough times bring out your baggage. Tough moments make you face who you don’t want to be.  We can look in the mirror and say “I love you” to ourselves all we want, however, if we don’t address the deeper issues we will know it’s all a lie.   

Take some time today and work through those four questions.  You’ll be glad you did.  And if you’re stuck, message me letting me know where your insecurities lie and Ill send you some free training on this.    

How to Improve Confidence

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2 thoughts on “How to Improve Confidence

  1. Ur writing was lovely! Of course we should know to keep up our spirits…. May be we should love ourselves for other people to love us! I too have Lotta pimples… But I know or rather keeping up my courage to face this world w/o hiding it! I’m trying harder everyday to accept me as myself!

    1. and you will be able to – it all starts with recognizing there’s a part of you that wants to be “seen” more and then having the courage to lean in to it 🙂 You got this!

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