How to Get Better Sleep + Guided Sleep Meditation

Annette Lopez and Klyn Elsbury team up yet again, except this time it’s to share with you why sleep is so important and how to get better sleep.

When we think of weight loss we think of spending hours in the gym, and eating is a little food as possible. By that could be furthest from the truth and actually causing more harm than good for your body especially if your woman. One crucial link that people are finally starting to recognize is sleep.

guided sleep meditation for better sleep
scroll the the bottom to listen to a guided sleep meditation for better sleep


Most people think of sleep as a luxury, but with all the scientific research coming out we see how much it really influences your weight, mental health, and wellness. The following hormones can become imbalanced when you aren’t getting enough of those zzzzz’s.

  • Blood sugar levels/glucose control
  • Leptin levels- leptin is a hormone that regulates how much you eat, tells you when  you’re full, and dictates how much fat you store.
  • Cortisol- The fight or flight stress hormone that also stimulates insulin release and maintenance of blood sugar levels. That means that you will have an increase in appetite and crave sweets sugar and carbs for a quick source of energy. Your body’s metabolism slows down because it’s primary concern is getting over the sleep deficit not focusing on burning fat. Meaning you will hold on to more body fat.

Muscle Recovery

Getting quality rest is also important for muscle recovery. All the efforts you put into working out cardio, lifting weights, yoga, etc. requires recovery. Your body recovers and repairs those muscles when you are sleeping.

Going to bed at 11 PM or midnight and waking up at 5 AM for a workout is actually negating your gym efforts.


Not only does impaired sleep effect hormones, it increases inflammation in the body. This inflammation even at low levels puts you at risk for chronic diseases, autoimmune conditions, and even mood disorders like depression.

Probably the most surprising and unknown risk is heart disease. Poor sleep quality has even been linked to coronary heart disease!

5 top tips for improving sleep quality

5 Tips for Better Sleep

Here are our top 5 tips and a bonus guided sleep meditation track to help you.

  1. Limit caffeine intake after 1 PM.
  2. . Try to drink a warm cup of herbal tea like chamomile or even one that has some kava in it. And related post (start your day with chicory root tea instead of coffee).

Chicory Root Benefits
Chicory root, the coffee alternative and health benefits
  1. 3. Avoid heavy meals 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.
  2. 4. Avoid screens two hours before bed. If you absolutely need to be in front of the screen try using blue blocker glasses.
  3. 5. Take an Epsom salt bath with calming essential oils, our favorites are lavender or Roman chamomile.
  4. 6. And last but certainly not least, download and listen to this hypnotic guided sleep meditation to relax and unwind.

Guided meditation for relaxation and improving sleep

Sleep is very important and needs to be prioritized as you manage your health and reach for your dreams (haha, no pun intended). Try to use these tips for one week straight, and then see how your sleep improves.

What’s one of your favorite ways to make sure you are getting high quality, better sleep? Share below!

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