Thryve Gut Health and Trusting my Gut Bacteria

Occasionally, my team is on the hunt for what they consider “fun” projects for me to take on and experience. When my manager Lisa, reached out and told me about Thryve gut health, a company known for looking at my …um… poop and telling me what’s in my gut, I had to laugh a little. I’ve heard about gut reports and probiotics and gut bacteria my entire life. It is my strong opinion that there has never been anyone in history who has gotten through a clinic appointment with the cystic fibrosis care team without talking about feces. And yet, I had no idea what I was getting into.

a review of Thryve Inside by Klyn Elsbury
a review of Thryve Inside by Klyn Elsbury

*Note: Whilst this post is sponsored by Thryve Inside, all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

What is Thryve Inside?

Thryve Inside is a biotechnology company that analyses the bacteria in your gut. It is the world’s first gut health company that incorporates microbiome testing with personalized dietary and probiotic recommendations.

Thryve has indexed over 36,000+ microbiome research articles, mapped 1,000 food ingredients, mapped 500 supplements, and created algorithms to instill confidence in the clinic trials as well as created an algorithm for what they call the Wellness Score.

In our wellness score algorithm, we compare the amounts of probiotics, beneficial, commensal and pathogenic bacteria from our customer’s gut microbiome test to the American Gut Project results. From this comparison, we can calculate their gut microbiome diversity, which is the richness of bacterial genus or species (amounts of different bacteria) that characterizes the gut microbiome in individuals. We also consider the abundance of gut bacteria, including the percentage of beneficial bacteria (ex: Akkermansia, Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus), proteobacteria, and more.

– Thryve Inside Website

What’s the Process?

Thryve ships you a box. It’s easy and intuitive to know what’s next.

  1. You open it.
  2. You create a sample. Use the cotton swab to collect the sample.
  3. You ship it to the address using their postage, so there are no additional costs.

    After roughly two weeks, you get an email alerting you of your test results. It is 100% pain free and stress-free.

    You open the email to see a screen like this:

What were my results?

Basically, I have a lot of room for improvement. I have made some questionable dietary decisions during lockdown and the straight A student in me kept wanting to wait until I had a 10 day detox and was back to a plant based diet. Yet, I decided during the worst of the worst times for my diet, it made sense to see “how bad things could get”.

Here’s the skinny:

Gut Wellness Score

The healthy average wellness score is determined by the balance of probiotics, beneficial, commensal and pathogenic bacteria in your gut microbiome compared to those of the healthy population from the American Gut Project.

I scored 52/100.

Gut Diversity Score

Your diversity score is also considered along with your wellness score. Diversity is determined by the richness (variety of bacterial species) and evenness (amount of an individual species) of your gut microbiome.

I scored 89/100.

Then, I clicked on the tab I was least optimistic about:

My Gut Bacterial Level

I have a 10% optimal gut, so basically, the endless tacos with extra queso have to be in moderation. You can actually click on the report to read about the forms of bacteria in your gut and find out actions you can take to improve them. You can click download csv to get this as a file you can also take to your doctor, should you prefer to share this with them.

They also have a link that let’s you “Go Premium” and for roughly $7/ month you can get reports on what symptoms in your overall health your current gut status reveals. For example, I may be prone to high anxiety and weight gain.

My Personal Lists of Recommended Foods

This is by far my favorite part of the report. I can discover what types of foods I should be eating, for my unique body, and optimal results.

my Personal Food Plan from Thryve Inside

I’ve been gaining a bit of weight and although I am the fittest I have been in awhile, it is still concerning. Come to find out, I can eat tacos still! What I need to cut back on for optimal health is the wheat, goat’s milk, oats, barley, and what I non-scientifically call, heavy grains.

I am actually pretty sure I ate all of this yesterday and wonder why I feel bloated and grouchy today:

foods to avoid with my gut health

So then the question comes down to, what can I actually eat? Should I place an order for Instacart now or can I rummage through the cupboards and start a clean slate? Ironically, I recently blogged about the healing principles of chicory root. It’s great to see this plant being recommended!

Getting Started

You can order your home test kit by going here.  A box will be shipped to you, with the swab and collection cup. A pre-paid envelope is also included so you can send it back.

Note: what I loved the most about this experience was the team behind it. I was traveling for 6 weeks in the middle of the testing and results and writing phase. Every person in the company I interacted with was kind, understanding, and accommodating. I know and trust if I had a question, it would be answered fully. They care about their customers and it shows!

Check with your healthcare team if this is something you want to try. This is not medical advice, just my personal experience. Everyone will have different experiences.

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