Living With Scoliosis by Rania Abdulla

Living With Scoliosis as shared and written by our reader and featured writer, Rania Abdulla, the blogger and influencer behind the Wardrobe Stylist.

Patience! Your health is so important, take care of it at all costs! – Rania Abdulla

–Rania Abdulla
living with scoliosis
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My diagnosis: Scoliosis

I had scoliosis (curvature in the spine) in 2 areas in my spine which becomes apparent in the teenage years. My parents had noticed I was not standing straight and brought me to specialists for diagnosis.

What were your symptoms?

Uneven posture, curvature in back, leaning to one side more than the other.

Can you share with us the diagnosis story?

I was a pre-teen when it started and wasn’t too preoccupied with it. If left untreated it can affect the body physically and internally (breathing issues). My parents and I agreed to the treatment which consisted wearing a night body cast for 2 years and a regular series of x-rays every month to monitor progress.

After 2 years, the cast was removed and an update on my progress showed there was an increase in the spine curvature. It became very visible. This meant I had to undergo surgery to fix it. There was a lot of prep for this surgery like blood transfusion, electro-shocks, iron deficiency repair, xrays and more. The surgery was 14 hours long.

I spent a week in the hospital laying in bed, 2 months in a body cast and a month in a wheel chair.

I had to relearn how to walk. Some of my flexibility was impacted, a couple of ribs were removed and I would forever have Herrington rods in my spine and  a huge scar would trace my abdomen to my back.

Living With Scoliosis by Rania Abdulla

Can you share how Living With Scoliosis impacted your dating life?

My scar made me self-conscious but I quickly became used to it.

What lessons did you have to learn while living with scoliosis?

Patience! Your health is so important, take care of it at all costs!

Patience! Your health is so important, take care of it at all costs! – Rania Abdulla

What steps did you take or how did you cope/find acceptance?

  • Knowing that I will now forever be rid of the disease I inherently had and I can still be who I want to be.

What advice would you give to someone struggling with their health or journey?

  1. Building resilience helps in overcoming difficult situations
  2. Keeping in mind that it is temporary and not being afraid of feeling low as it’s part of being human
  3. Dealing with good and bad feelings to know what to do in each situation and how to react

What do you wish others knew?

  • Even though it took a while to get my strengths back, I kept up with my exercise routine and testing my abilities. I realized in some aspects I was limited but I developed new ones.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on instagram by going here.

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