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Living with Ulcerative Colitis

Thryve Gut Health and Trusting my Gut Bacteria

Occasionally, my team is on the hunt for what they consider “fun” projects for me to take on and experience. When my manager Lisa, reached out and told me about Thryve gut health, a company known for looking at my …um… poop and telling me what’s in my gut, I had to laugh a little. […]

How to Get Better Sleep + Guided Sleep Meditation

Annette Lopez and Klyn Elsbury team up yet again, except this time it’s to share with you why sleep is so important and how to get better sleep. When we think of weight loss we think of spending hours in the gym, and eating is a little food as possible. By that could be furthest […]

How to Improve Confidence

We’re upping the game here at Sickly Confidential and bringing you into our podcast, The Motivated Mind. We’re going to teach you real life applicable skills on how to improve confidence, master your mindset, eliminate stress and anxiety, and tap into the very best version of yourself. So read this blog and then listen to […]


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