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Our History

Sickly Confidential is the lifestyle blog for the spoonie who wants to be the best, most confident, most unapologetic, version of herself.

We believe that you were given your health journey to teach others the deeper lessons on resilience, confidence, and how to thrive. And in your journey, you may have been stuck from time to time.

We know what you’re going through. You may feel like a burden. You may feel worthless. You want less stress and less anxiety. There’s a chance you want to improve your self confidence (especially with your scars and medical devices). And of course, you want to be happier. You want to date or end your fear of being alone. And you want to learn the tools to put your best self out there. 

We believe your health should not impact how great your life can be. And we’re here to share personal growth and relationship advice to get you to become the best version of yourself that you can.

Cystic fibrosis is a life threatening genetic condition that primarily affects the lungs.

About Our Creator

Klyn Elsbury  turned her passion for personal growth, relationships, and rare disease into one of the most distinctive brands online today.   

Along with the blog, Sickly Confidential, Klyn released her own book, I Am The Untold Story of Success in 2016. In 2018, she created Shark School. It’s an intense 6 week program that teaches the best of the best marketing and branding strategies).

In addition, she runs a podcast that features inspiring stories of how ordinary people overcame incredible odds.  Klyn works with the top tier brands while continuing to connect with her community of over 60,000 followers daily.  

Her teachings have been featured in over 150+ publications including: 

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Success Magazine, Forbes, NPR, PBS

You can find her camping, reading, writing or being obsessive about her fiance and 3 pound puppy, Chanel. 

Watch the inspiring keynote that started the business, that created a movement of empowering women with health conditions to become the most confident, happiest, version of themselves

“You’ve taught me to embrace my health, my scars, become confident in who I am as a woman, love fearlessly, and laugh the entire damn time”

Ashleigh K

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