What Men Want (Spoonie Edition)

What Men Want (Spoonie Edition)

Hey babe, here’s the deal. I am a fellow spoonie and I have had my fair share of dates (related: dating a doctor). Sometimes, I’m not proud of that. Other times, I think it serves a higher purpose. At the very least, now that I’m engaged, I can take an educated guess at what men want. Really want. Other than sex. Although, in my experience, they always want that too. So go through this list, discover what men want for yourself, and if you still are stuck… sex.

Now hear me out, before you read this list…keep an open mind.

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Signs You Should Break Up (Or Stay Together)

Signs You Should Break Up (Or Stay Together)

Don’t confuse sparks with happily ever after, there are telltale signs you should break up with your partner

Relationships are complicated. One day, you’re single and finally embracing who you are and what your life journey is. The next, you meet someone or if you’re like me (swiped right) and there’s a spark. There are no signs you should break up. They have no character flaws. And you feel yourself falling in love. They are attractive, you can tell them anything, they make you laugh, they don’t care about your chronic illness, they may even want to visit you in the hospital.

Signs you Should Break up

Dating with Cystic Fibrosis

A cystic fibrosis diagnosis can be incredibly hard. It’s also a disease with a lot of hope. However, this blog was created for neither of those purposes. This blog was created to empower the women with terminal diseases, rare disease, chronic illnesses, and any other spoonie category learn personal growth and relationship tips. Dating with cystic fibrosis, or any other health condition isn’t talked about much.

And we’re going to change that. This is my heart poured out behind the keys of a computer. I share the shameful and encouraging tales of what it is like to date with a terminal illness. This is my story of self-sabotage, one night stands, too many drinks, and hating my reflection. For awhile, I thought I was a burden to the world.

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